Face Cap X Manual

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1. Install FaceCap X

To install FaceCap X extract the contents of the ZIP file into your “Documents\maya\plug-ins\” folder usually located “C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\maya\plug-ins”. If the “plug-ins” folder doesn’t exist, please create it.

2. Load plug-in inside Maya

Inside Maya go to Windows > Setting/Preferences > Plug-in Manager.

Look for ‘FaceCapX.py’ and check the ‘Loaded’ box next to it. If you would like it to load every time you start Maya, check the ‘Auto load’ box as well.
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How to use FaceCap X

1. Load Your Character into a Scene

FaceCap X is designed to work with existing scenes, Maya’s native FBX import, Genesis 3 for Maya, Genesis 8 for Maya, and even DazToMaya.

Either open an existing scene or import a character using your preferred method.

2. Setup the GUI

Select the target character’s mesh. If it is a Genesis 8 figure select the eyelashes mesh as well.

With the mesh(es) selected, from the Maya main menu bar select LayLo3D Tools > FaceCap X > Setup GUI.

This will add the 51 FACS blend shapes to the selected character, import the GUI, and configure the GUI to control the blend shapes.

3. (Option A) Animate with the Face Cap App

Using the Face Cap App and a iPhone X, or newer, record your animation. Please refer to the Face Cap documentation for this step.

Transfer the FBX file to your Maya workstation.

Select the GUI of the target character you would like to animate.

From the Maya main menu bar select LayLo3D Tools > FaceCap X > Import Face Cap Data (FBX).

Navigate to the desired Face Cap file and click reference.

Your character facial animation will now be driven by the selected Face Cap file. You may need to adjust the timeline to see the full length of the animation.

3. (Option B) Hand Key Animation for Your Character

At this point you can start hand keying animation using the GUI or import a Face Cap FBX file to drive the animation (See step 3. Option A).

4. (Optional) Bake Animation

If you would like to tweak the Face Cap animation after importing you will first need to bake the animation.

You may also need to bake the animation if you would like to export the animated character to a different software application.

Select the GUI Group for the target character.

From the Maya main menu bar select LayLo3D Tools > FaceCap X > Bake Animation Data.

In the “Bake Simulation Options” window configure your desired options and click bake. If you’re unfamiliar with these options the default settings usually work fine except you may need adjust the time range.