Face Mojo for Daz Studio – Genesis 8 Male(s) and Female(s) Bundle

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Face Mojo is a facial motion capture solution for Daz Studio. Using your iPhone X, or newer, with the Face Cap app record facial animation. Bring that FBX file into Daz Studio along side your favorite character, then use Face Mojo to apply that animation to your character!

Face Mojo uses key hand sculpted face poses based on the Facial Animation Coding System to bring your character to life.

It includes controls to fine tune the head rotation data distributing it to both neck joints and the head joint for a more natural look. It even allows you to distribute some to the upper abdomen joint to make for a more natural looking dialog between multiple characters when using full body motion capture equipment isn’t an option.

Or, if you prefer to use other motion capture data for the neck and head joints the controls allow you to quickly and easily “turn off” the influence captured from your iPhone allowing your other source to take full control without any issues.

Currently Face Mojo only supports the Face Cap app, but support for more apps will be added soon.

This bundle includes Face Mojo for Genesis 8 Male(s) and Female(s).

User Manual

Face Mojo User Manual

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