Mixamojo for Daz Studio – G3 & G8 Bundle

May 6, 2020 16 comments


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This is the prerelease offering of Mixamojo for Daz Studio for Genesis 3 Male and Female as well as Genesis 8 Male & Female.

I’d like to introduce one of my latest products for Daz Studio, Mixamojo!

This prerelease offer includes all future updates.

For installation and use instructions please see the Mixamojo for Daz Studio Manual

16 Responses to “Mixamojo for Daz Studio – G3 & G8 Bundle”

  1. Maurice D Witherspoon says:

    Hello, I just purchased Mixamojo and went through the steps to install it and it is not coming up in daz. So I extracted the files, went to my my library target folder for people, It would not let me install the folder with the same name “People” so I had to rename it “People Mixamojo” I had to do the same for the data folder. I placed them into the peoples folder where it already has a file saying genesis 8 female. When I go to the content library it shows me the folders names and as I click on each subfolder they are empty until you get down to female facial expressions. I do not see in icon that says MIXAMOJO please help.

    • LayLo says:


      How come it would let you install the files in the “People” and “data” folders? Also, Mixamojo doesn’t have a data folder, so I’m kind of confused.

      With Mixamojo the scripts can be ran from anywhere, so as long as the scripts and their icons are somewhere in one of your Daz Studio content directories it should work. If you’re not seeing its files it most likely means the folder is empty.

  2. Fons Stam says:

    Hello. Yesterday I purchased Mixamojo. Yesterday it worked fine. Today I tried again with another animation from Mixamo. Every time I import the .fbx file of the animation into Daz I get an error (mentioned in other posts as well): “Rigging limitation: Bones without root skeleton” After that I click on “accept”. Now every time I select the animation (mixamorig: hips) in the scene tab the program crashes. I tried several ways of selecting the animation (in the timeline tab, or by using the arrow-key) but nothing works. I tried other ways of downloading the animation from Mixamo (different frame rates, with or without skin etc. ), but no succes. What am I doing wrong?

    • LayLo says:

      Hmm… That’s strange. What version of Daz Studio are you using? Have you uploaded a character to Mixamo before? Mixamojo is designed to work with Mixamo’s standard xBot character and I’ve heard of people having problems when trying to use a character they uploaded.

      • Fons Stam says:

        I use Daz pro edition. I have tried Mixamo before with a character I uploaded (A Genesis figure), but I changed it back to the xBot-character. I thought perhaps it has something to do with Mixamo settings or my account, so I changed to another Adobe-account, with no positive result. I am on a Mac but the same happens when I use my windows-computer.

        • Fons Stam says:

          I uninstalled and reinstalled DAZ Studio and (for some reason) it works fine now. Very happy with it. Great plugin!

  3. emotionaldreams2 says:

    so this is only for FBX from mixamo site? what if you have other fbx’s from somewhere else? or for example a fbx saved for a daz character from 3dxchange/iclone?

  4. Chriss says:

    Does Mixamojo correct the arms, hands and legs for the G8 and G3 Characters so they match the original G1/Mixamo data? This wasn’t clear.

    • LayLo says:

      I never used Mixamo animations with G1, so I’m not 100% sure what you’re referring to, but I spent a long time making sure the data gets applied to the correct joints and that Genesis 8’s limbs follow the Mixamo xBot’s limbs almost perfectly. The arms will differ a little sometimes because of the difference in collar joint locations between the two rigs.

      Does that help answer your question?

      • Chriss says:

        I guess I don’t know how Mixamojo works. Isn’t it know that G3 and G8 fbx models do not work uploading to the Mixamo site? That is why many are uploading the G1 model, downloading the resulting FBX and apply that in Daz on the G1 (Saving as a pose). Then applying that pose to the G3 or G8 (Which is where the misaligned hands, arms and legs come in). So if mixamojo works with the G3 or G8 and not needing the G1, how are we to get the mixamojo data fbx from their site?

        • LayLo says:

          Mixamojo works by creating a control rig for G8 that follows the Mixamo rig.

          To download the files from Mixamo’s site, you just download them as FBX, with, or without the skin. Then import them into Daz Studio along side the character you want to use it with and run the scripts.
          How to use Mixamojo

          • Chriss says:

            Thanks. The video helps a bit. I noticed that trying to load an fbx from the Mixamo site gives an error warning about the root bone (Also seen on your video). This hasn’t been an issue for you?

            Also, can we make an AniBlock once the process is complete? Or do w need to set up the rig every time? Looking to do combining of mocap data eventually.

  5. Mason WONG says:

    Hi I have purchased mixamojo, yet I cannot see the import of FBX file from daz. Is there any settings that needed to be changed?

    • LayLo says:

      Hi! Are you talking about an FBX file downloaded from Mixamo? You just import it in. If you don’t download the version with the skin it doesn’t show anything in the viewport. Do you see it in the Scene tab?

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