Looks Just Like a Baby… Deer

June 21, 2015 Leave a comment

I know it’s been a minute since my last post. I’ve been busy off the hook working on meeting some deadlines =(. With that said I’m actually probably going to be mostly MIA for the next few weeks. I start working on a project I worked on last summer again next week. It’s time to set beams and roll the trusses for her house.

She wants to get this part of the project done done in 5 weeks which means I’ll be working 10-12 hours a day in 85+ degree (F) weather with the only shade being provided by the walls. Since we’ll be working off of scaffolding, it basically means there won’t be any shade to work in. Plus, last year it seemed stupid humid up there, which can really ware you out. And to top that off, I committed myself to building out a few webpages during the same time period lol.

Long story long, I’m going to have zero free time, so I probably won’t be posting too much during that time.

But, what can I say, it’s the life I chose…

On a different note, there has been this baby deer hanging around the job site I’m currently working on. It was crazy, I walked right past it to get some water, looked behind me and was like WTF is that? When my brain finally put an object to what I was looking at, I realized it was a baby deer. At first I thought it was dead, but looking harder I could see it was breathing. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a picture. I walked over and started petting it. Right about when I started feeling super bad thinking there had to be something majorly wrong with it, it sprung up like jack in the box and ran off.

The next day I looked quickly to see if it was around but didn’t see it. Then later that day I stepped out the man door of the garage and heard a gnarly high pitched scream. Honestly it kind of freaked me out. It happened right as I stepped down, I thought I had stepped on something. I did like a light weight skip hop thing to try and not put all my weight down on my foot.

Looking around confused because I couldn’t for the life of me think what I could have stepped on and not seeing anything in the path to the door. Then I saw it, about 8 feet away, sure enough there was the baby deer again! This time I did get a picture. Unfortunately, because it was laying in the tall grass the picture isn’t very clear, but you can still see the baby deer laying right next to the house almost on top of the footing!

A Baby Deer

Anyway, thought I would share. Hope you enjoy! I wish I had gotten a picture the day before. With the risk of sounding soft, I got to admit it’s super cute with it’s big dopey ears and little baby deer feet lol!


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