Using LayLo 3D Plug-Ins in Maya 2022

April 30, 2021 4 comments

With the release of Maya 2022 Autodesk has decided to ship it with the Python 3 interpreter enabled by default. Previously Maya had shipped with a Python 2 interpreter enabled by default. At this point all of my Maya plug-ins are written for Python 2 and if you try to load them in Maya 2022 with the Python 3 interpreter enabled you will get an invalid syntax error.

The good news is Maya 2022 for Windows is packaged with both Python 2 and Python 3 interpreters, so all my plug-ins can still be used in Maya 2022 you just have to set Maya to start with the Python 2 interpreter.

Here is a link to Maya’s help on how to do so:

I do have plans of offering both Python 2 and Python 3 version of my plug-ins in the future. Stay tuned for more information.

4 Responses to “Using LayLo 3D Plug-Ins in Maya 2022”

  1. thomas says:

    well great i will test it out for you on a mac if you have time to make it so hopefully the plug in will work with 2020? and Bir Sur ? would be gerat if you can let me know if it works cheers

  2. eliezer says:

    I bought MoCap Mojo from you in the past and it works great for me.
    I recently bought XSENS ‘AWINDA motion capture system and their software MVN ANIMATE PRO knows how to extract BVH and FBX files
    And my question is if you can build a similar script that can match the MVN ANIMATE PRO FBX file to DAZ STUDIO like your script that matches the file coming from MIXAMO to G8 and G3 and if it is possible how much should it cost if I ask you to create such a script for me.

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