Daz Studio: Rigging Custom Characters – Adjust Rigging to Shape

December 5, 2017 4 comments

In this video I show how to quickly and easily rig custom sculpted characters using Daz Studio’s Adjust Rigging to shape tool. You can also use this technique to adjust rigging for morphs as well.

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

4 Responses to “Daz Studio: Rigging Custom Characters – Adjust Rigging to Shape”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi, there I hope to replace eyeball in genesis 8, cuz of shader in Unity Engine. Is there any way to replace eyeball in genesis 8?. I’ve looked at this video and thought about applying it, but it doesn’t make sense.

    • LayLo says:

      You are correct, the steps in this video aren’t meant for replacing vertices they’re meant for adjusting the rig after modifying the vertices the figure starts with.

      Unfortunately, I have never tried to replace the eyes or have used Daz figures in Unity, so I am unable to help.

  2. Hey there I wanted to ask if you can bring in a custom character, not a sculpt, nor one of the DAZ characters that’s been modified, like a completely custom character made from blender. Is there a quicker way to rig a custom character with bones and if so is there a way where i can make one side of the body and somehow duplicate the otherside via Symmetry. I tried Rigging in poser and well its buggy.

    • LayLo says:

      Unfortunately, I’ve haven’t yet ventured into rigging an entirely new character. If it’s roughly a human shaped biped character you might be able to use the transfer utility to get a head start at least.

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