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June 9, 2020 10 comments

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Genesis 3 for Maya
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Genesis 8 version available in my My Daz 3D store.

Genesis 3 for Maya is a script and plug-in combination for Daz Studio and Autodesk Maya that exports a Genesis 3 Core Male or Female figure from Daz Studio. Then using the Maya plug-in, imports the figure into a new scene, configures all joint control morphs (JCMs), including both joint corrective morphs and flexion morphs, while setting up HumanIK controls.

On top of that you can specify any additional morphs, expressions and/or pose controls you would like to be exported out with the figure by simply favoriting them in Daz Studio, the included custom export script will take care of the rest.

But, that’s not all!

Any clothing and/or hair exported with the figure will follow all the figure’s morphs and JCMs as well.

It also provides some renaming options allowing you to rename the character and its associated nodes easily and congruently. This includes the transform and shape nodes, HumanIK controls, shading groups and shader names.

All currently released Genesis 3 male and female Daz Original Core figures are supported.

What’s Included and Features

  • Daz Studio Script:
    • Exports selected figure
    • Exports figures clothing and hair
    • Exports only figure specific Joint Corrective Morphs
    • Exports flexion morphs
    • Exports favorited morphs
    • Exports favorited expressions
    • Exports favorited pose controls
  • Autodesk Maya Plug-in:
    • Configures Joint Corrective Morphs
    • Configures Flexion Morphs
    • Organizes morphs in the Shape Editor
    • Creates HumanIK Controls
    • Renames figure and all associated nodes congruently
    • Sets any clothing and hair to auto-follow the main figures morphs
    • Compatible with Daz to Maya’s shader conversion feature
  • Product Compatibility:
    • Mac or Windows
    • Maya 2016+
    • Daz Studio 4.10+

Known limitations

  • Genitalia geo-grafts don’t get exported from Daz Studio with JCMs.
    This seems to be because of the way Daz Studio’s export FBX is set up for Geo-Grafts. I’m currently in communication with Daz to find out if there’s a workaround.
  • Pose controls and morphs that have negative values only export the positive influence of the morph. For left-right pose controls the morph can be duplicated and reversed in the shape editor.

10 Responses to “Genesis 3 for Maya”

  1. ruudygh says:

    Hi Laylo, will you update Pose Library for Maya 2024 or 2023?

  2. ByungsunChoi says:

    Hi, I just bought it, But It doesn’t show in the menu at the script on top of Daz studio. I did .dsa files run from RunOnce folder in many ways such as double click, drag n drop, open from Daz. but it is now shown still… I am using the latest version of Daz(4.20 pro). I have been using Genesis 8 for Maya and FaceMojo (bought from DAZ3d)for 2years.

    • LayLo says:


      Thanks for using my products! Super sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Work has been crazy busy.

      Usually when the RunOnce scripts don’t work it’s because they can’t find the script they’re being linked to. Can you please confirm all the DSE export scripts are installed correctly to your Daz Studio install location and let me know if they’re still not working?


  3. steven says:

    I have Genesis 3 for Maya 1.2

    In maya there is a missing character import, George 7
    Will it be fixed?

    • steven says:

      i bought it from gumroad without signed in, and so I cannot download any updates from this plugin.
      Could you be so kind to send me updated version? I am missing darius7 and george7 in the import dropdown menu in Maya. (export from Daz have no problem)

      • LayLo says:

        Sorry for any inconvenience. If you email me ( I will email you the latest version and if you want to create a LayLo 3D account I can add the product to your account here, so you will be able to download it and/or any updates from here.
        Unfortunately, George isn’t a Daz Original base character like Michael 8, so I never intended on supporting him, but Darius is. I must have accidently missed Darius. I will update it this weekend to add support for him.
        Thanks for using my products!

  4. WD says:

    Does this product (genesis 3 to maya) work with maya 2020 LT?

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