Streets of Asia 2 | 3Delight to Arnold

September 4, 2019 5 comments

Over the last couple years I’ve been working on plug-ins for Maya to help make Daz Studio content a viable option for use in Maya. It’s been quite a quest. I originally started this journey to create the tools I need for my own personal projects, projects that have not yet all been revealed except to a few friends.

First, I wanted to have access to a wide variety of affordable characters and the ability to customize them quickly and easily, hence Daz Studio and Genesis 8 for Maya. Genesis 8 for Maya is necessary to be able to use all of Daz characters’s joint controlled morphs (JCMs) in Maya, so they deform properly, otherwise a large portion of their value is lost. It also helps streamline the workflow by setting up the character properly for export, it makes it easier to export additional blend shapes, and also helps make Daz Studio clothing more useful by exporting the JCMs for the clothing as well and making it easy to export adjustment morphs.

Next, I wanted to be able to use the materials for Daz Studio content quickly and efficiently. Manually converting shaders is a long and tedious process prone to error. Trying to convert an entire environment can take days, not to mention requires quite a bit of knowledge of render engines in general and their differences. This led me to start creating my LayLo3D Shader System. A plug-in I started around a year ago.

Finally, about a year later LoL, it’s getting close to release.

I would like to start to introduce what is possible with my next product, my LayLo3D Shader System.

This is a render of the results of using my plug-in to convert Stonemason’s Streets of Asia 2 from 3Delight to Arnold. No additional tweaking of the shaders was done after conversion. The only thing I did was set up an aiSkyDome light with a HDR image to light the scene and I hid the sky dome mesh that’s included with the Streets of Asia 2 environment so that it wouldn’t block the light from my aiSkyDome light.

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5 Responses to “Streets of Asia 2 | 3Delight to Arnold”

  1. Asari says:

    This looks absolutely amazing! I saw the intro on youtube and the install directions here but it seems this product is not yet available? Where will it be released once it’s ready? Would be even more amazing if this were integrated into the new Daz to Maya bridge if the bridge brings over the entire environment set from DS to Maya with a shader conversion to Arnold so you only need to fine-tune the shaders as necessary but not convert everything manually.
    Thank you for your efforts, I will buy this product when you release it!

    • LayLo says:

      Thanks for reaching out. I haven’t released it yet. I got sidetracked with other projects. I will most likely release it here on my site, or on

  2. Steve says:

    When is this plugin going to be available? I would really need something like this.
    Please let me know!

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