Genesis 8 for Maya

July 25, 2018 136 comments

Genesis 3 version available in my Gumroad store:

Genesis 8 for Maya is a script and plug-in combination for Daz Studio and Autodesk Maya that exports a Genesis 8 Core Male or Female figure from Daz Studio. Then using the Maya plug-in, imports the figure into a new scene, configures all joint control morphs (JCMs), including both joint corrective morphs and flexion morphs, while setting up HumanIK controls.

On top of that you can specify any additional morphs, expressions and/or pose controls you would like to be exported out with the figure by simply favoriting them in Daz Studio, the included custom export script will take care of the rest.

But, that’s not all!

The separate eyelashes shape gets configured to follow all expression and face morphs automatically. Any clothing and/or hair exported with the figure will follow all the figure’s morphs and JCMs as well.

It also provides some renaming options allowing you to rename the character and its associated nodes easily and congruently. This includes the transform and shape nodes, HumanIK controls, shading groups and shader names.

All currently released Genesis 8 male and female Daz Original Core figures are supported.

What’s Included and Features

  • Daz Studio Script:
    • Exports selected figure
    • Exports figures clothing and hair
    • Exports only figure specific Joint Corrective Morphs
    • Exports flexion morphs
    • Exports favorited morphs
    • Exports favorited expressions
    • Exports favorited pose controls
  • Autodesk Maya Plug-in:
    • Configures Joint Corrective Morphs
    • Configures Flexion Morphs
    • Organizes morphs in the Shape Editor
    • Creates HumanIK Controls
    • Renames figure and all associated nodes congruently
    • Sets the Eyelashes to auto-follow the main figures morphs
    • Sets any clothing and hair to auto-follow the main figures morphs
    • Compatible with Daz to Maya’s shader conversion feature
  • Product Compatibility:
    • Mac or Windows
    • Maya 2016+
    • Daz Studio 4.10+

Known limitations

  • Genitalia geo-grafts don’t get exported from Daz Studio with JCMs.
    This seems to be because of the way Daz Studio’s export FBX is set up for Geo-Grafts. I’m currently in communication with Daz to find out if there’s a workaround.
  • Pose controls and morphs that have negative values only export the positive influence of the morph. For left-right pose controls the morph can be duplicated and reversed in the shape editor.

136 Responses to “Genesis 8 for Maya”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi, Do you have any plan to make Genesis 8.1 for Maya? I think G8.1 is more suitable for Realistic CG.

    • LayLo says:

      Hi! Good news, I already submitted an update to Daz that make Genesis 8 for Maya compatible with Genesis 8.1! Once Daz gets a chance to test it, it will show up as free update. Thanks for using my products!

      • Nick says:

        Sorry, I can’t find Genesis 8 for maya in DazCentral. I think Daz still doesn’t update it. would you please check it?

  2. Nate says:

    I just bought the Genesis 8 to Maya plugin and whenever I try to run the RunOnce files in the AppData folder, the three files disappear and Daz says File can’t be found. I’ve tried Daz installer and manual and cannot get it to work. I can send you a video of the problem if that will help. Please help.

    • LayLo says:

      Hi, thanks for using my products!

      Did the RunOnce scripts work? Were the G8 for Maya menu items added the the scripts menu? If not you can extract them somewhere else and then drag and drop them on the Daz Studio viewport to run them as well.

  3. yuu says:


    This add-on is really great.
    However, when animating on humanik, the coordinate axis of the thumb control rotates differently than the real human joint. This script is really great, but this is a shame because hand animation is very important in character animation. Can it be remedied?


    • LayLo says:


      The HumanIK FK controls should rotate the same joint, but yes it’s not uncommon for the FK controls to be aligned differently. I’m not sure why it’s a problem though, can’t they still simply be rotated to achieve the same results as the joints?

  4. Wes says:

    Hi Landon. This is a great tool. Congrats.
    Before I purchase I have a question for you. One of my clients asked me to have one character rig compatible with Maya AdvancedSkeleton. Can your tool help to convert a daz rig to AdvancedSkeleton?
    Thank you,

    • LayLo says:

      Hi Wes!
      After running the import function in Maya the character will be set up with a HumanIK control rig, but using the HumanIK controls you can simply delete the control rig. Once the HumanIK rig is deleted I don’t think there would be any issues setting the character up with an Advanced Skeleton rig.
      The great thing is I have it set up so the JCMs are controlled by the joints, not the rig, so even with an Adavanced Skeleton rig they should still work properly!
      I hope that answers your question,

  5. Jerry VS says:

    Hello there : )
    I just purchased from Daz 3d your genesis 8 to maya and followed your instructions to the letter and cannot seem to “find” it in Daz Studio. I did manage to find the plugin on the maya side and turned those on.
    No luck finding it anywhere in any of the scripts section of Daz studio. I also tried to install in via install manager, with no luck. Am I missing something?
    The plugin looks awesome, but any advice would be great!

    Jerry VS – Happy Fourth!

    • LayLo says:


      If the RunOnce scripts aren’t working (they’re what add Genesis 8 for Maya to the Daz Studio Scripts menu) it means the scripts aren’t installed in the proper locations. Or, sometimes they just need to be ran twice for some reason.

      When you say you had no luck installing it via DIM, do you mean you installed it via DIM and they still didn’t show up?

  6. Othoniel says:

    Hey there Laylo,
    I’m sure that it’s a silly question but how do I scale the model down in Maya? I’ve grabbed the control reference, and/or the group and it doesn’t seem to work.

  7. Cory says:

    After purchasing this today, I noticed that some of the newer Genesis 8 figures are not available (Specifically I’m looking for Tristan). How do I make this work without an option for the character I need?



    • LayLo says:

      It still works with the newer characters, just use the base male, or female import/export scripts if the specific character isn’t listed.

    • LayLo says:


      Sorry for the delayed response. I have tested Genesis 8 for Maya with Toon Dwayne 8 and it is compatible with him. Unfortunately, I have not tested it with specifically with the other characters. They should work though, if you decide to give it a try and they don’t let me know and we may be able to get them going.

      I just noticed that one of the Characters is for Genesis 3 and therefore would require Genesis 3 for Maya.

      I hope that helps.


      • Michael says:

        Thanks Landon! Sounds encouraging, will purchase and give it a run, and you can disregard the latest post, just couldn’t wait to try out the program.

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