Creating Characters and Morphs for Daz 3D Figures: Daz Studio to ZBrush with GoZ

March 29, 2017 4 comments

To start off this tutorial, I recommend and assume you’ll be starting with an empty scene. Now, within Daz Studio, load the Genesis 3 Figure into the empty scene.

Daz Studio to ZBrush via GoZ

If you are having issues with GoZ or prefer to export and import as an .obj, please see my other tutorial: Creating Morphs For Daz Studio Figures – Exporting as .obj.

  1. Configure exported deformations
  2. With the Genesis 3 figure loaded in the scene and selected, open your Parameters tab, click the Currently Used selection bar, and set both the Mouth Realism HD and Navel Morphs to 0.

    This step isn’t necessary if you uncheck “Export with deformations” within the GoZ Export Settings (see below).

  3. Send to ZBrush
  4. Go to File > Send to ZBrush… or click the GoZ button on the UI (it’s location may vary depending on how your UI is configured).

  5. GoZ Export Options
  1. Make sure export at current resolution is unchecked (if you export at a higher resolution, you will not be able to import the morph back in, unless you’re a Daz PA).
  2. Export with or without deformations? Read Below:
  3. *Important*
    If you plan on selling or redistributing the morphs you create in anyway (whether for free, or for profit) you must reverse out any morphs you have dialed in when you export out the figure (I’ll explain how in the ZBrush to Daz Studio section of this tutorial), except for certain merchant resources. Check their individual license agreements (please note, most merchant resources don’t allow redistribution for free, only for profit).

    If you’re planning on using them only for personal projects, you can export any combination of morphs you would like and use as a starting point for your sculpting. Just remember, you won’t be able to sell them or give them away!

  • Click Accept
  • Once you decide whether or not to export out Genesis 3 with deformations, click Accept.

  • Model to Canvas
  • Once ZBrush loads Genesis 3 will be loaded as the selected tool. Click and drag on the canvas to draw out the model (if ZBrush was already opened before using GoZ, the model may already be drawn out on the canvas).

    4 Responses to “Creating Characters and Morphs for Daz 3D Figures: Daz Studio to ZBrush with GoZ”

    1. Irene says:


      first, thanks so much for this useful tuorial.
      If you have a little time,, there is a thing I can’t deal with, it is the eyes once the sculpt is dont.
      How do you do to get back to the eyes and change the size without going into another 3D app and lose all the links with Daz Studio?
      Or du you know a Tutorial which shows how to manage masked groups and get them back to work with?

      Thanks you

      • LayLo says:

        Hi! You’re welcome.

        To unmask everything, including the eyes, CTRL + Left click drag on the canvas. Now you can mask everything except the eyes using the same techniques I describe in the tutorial. Make sure to keep in mind that the geometry for the eye consists of the eyeball and the cornea, so you’ll most likely want to transform and scale them together.

        If that doesn’t get you going let me know and maybe I can do a video this weekend on various masking techniques.

        I hope that helps!

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