FREE for Sakura, Superhero Monokini Support Add-on!

April 27, 2015 Leave a comment

I thought it would be cool if all the clothing I create is compatible with all the characters I make.

This is my first step in making that a reality!

Sakura Superhero Monokini

It took me longer to get this up then I was expecting. I wanted to make sure the update was live, and then work got in the way of things like usual. =(

Anyway here it is:

To install, download this and just extract the “FBM*.dsf” files to:

“your DAZ3D Library”\data\LayLo 3D\Clothing\Superhero Monokini\Morphs\LayLo 3D\Base\

Then restart DAZ Studio and you should be good to go!

I’m assuming you guys and gals have done stuff like this before, if you need more detailed instructions let me know in the comments below. Or, you can always email me:

Thanks, enjoy!!!

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