Genesis 3 for Maya?

June 29, 2018 Leave a comment

UPDATE: Now available! Check it out in my Gumroad store:

After releasing my latest product Genesis 8 for Maya, I’ve gotten quite a few requests for a Genesis 3 version.

I can definitely create a Genesis 3 version, but due to the difference in their default pose I would have to re-figure out all the rotation values for their JCMs and update the code for all of them accordingly. I would need to address differences in character names and in the naming conventions that the different artists use when naming their JCMs. And, I would have to squash any bugs that may arise, which somehow they always seem to arise…

While that may not sound like much, defining the JCMs for Maya is the bulk of my code. For each character there’s about 200 lines of code for the JCMs. I like to be thorough and support all the Daz Original core characters, so multiple that by 10+ females and 10+ males and I’m sure you can imagine how the work load starts to add up.

I’ve spoken with Daz and at this time they’re not interested in brokering a Genesis 3 version. So, I’m trying to figure out how I can support Genesis 3 without taking a personal financial loss. I would like to say that Genesis 8 for Maya did so well it would cover the time required to add support for Genesis 3, but the truth is, while I feel it did okay, at this point for the amount of time I put into it I’m not even sure I made it to minimum wage. 🙁

With that being said I wanted to turn to the community for advice. Please check out the survey below:

The survey period has ended and this survey is now closed.

If you have any other suggestions, ideas, questions or concerns please leave them in the comments below.

Please share this post with as many people as possible, or at least anyone that you think might be interested in a Genesis 3 for Maya. If we’re going to make this happen we may need as much community support as possible.

Thank you!

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