Hollywood Styles Biker Outfit for Genesis 3 Females

January 17, 2016 Leave a comment

My latest product just released yesterday on DAZ3D.com! It’s called “Hollywood Styles Biker Outfit” made for Genesis 3 Females. The design for this outfit was kind of created by accident. I was messing around with some new software I had bought, figuring it out, and this was the end result LOL. I like the way it came out, hopefully other people do too…

Hollywood Styles Biker Outfit

It wasn’t originally going to be a biker outfit, hence the vinyl materials. It wasn’t until I showed my wife one of the promo images and she said, “It looks like something a biker chick would wear.” I was like huh, it kind of does. And that’s the story behind the name…

Since I was happy with how the vinyl materials came out, I decided to ship it with them instead of making new leather materials.

Check out more pictures of the outfit here!

I Hope you like it!!!

Products used in the image:

The scene was assembled and rendered in Daz Studio 4.8 with NVIDIA Iray and then layered over the background image I found here.

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