Hollywood Styles Monokini

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Hollywood Styles Monokini

Parameters Tab
Hollywood Styles Monokini Parameters
Shape Shift for Genesis 3 Female(s) Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs FWSA Eliya HD for Victoria 7 Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs FWSA Eliya HD for Victoria 7 FWSA Eliya HD for Victoria 7

Well, I finally finished my latest outfit, woot, woot! Another project finished always feels good… It hit the store about a week ago. I usually like to do another render of my products when they release, but I think last weekend I was distracted finishing up a different render. Then around the middle of last week, I ended up getting a somewhat gnarly sinus infection.

I got these new polypropylene welding irons (my original ones were stolen along with my car and some other tools… 🙁 Ugh, that was fun…) and when they’re first breaking in they out gas some odor for a while, that’s most likely toxic. It really kicked me in the head. I think that’s what triggered the ol’ sinus infection…

This image actually came together quicker than usual. I guess it’s probably hard to go wrong with Nikisatez’s Penthouse Living. The only thing I had issues with, I was trying to make the character look wet, but all my attempts simply made her look like a bronze version of a woman killed by Goldfinger…

Anyway, I hope you like the image and I really hope you like the outfit! 🙂

P.S. It’s actually on sale again today as part of the March Madness Catch-Up Sale, check it out!

Total Rendering Time: I forgot to write it down, around an hour. 99% of image converged.

Software used for scene compilation: Daz Studio 4.9.
Rendered with NVIDIA Iray.
No post-work.

Products used in the image:

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