Lakeside Folly

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Lakeside Folly

Parameters Tab
Lakeside Folly Parameters
Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs Shape Shift for Genesis 3 Female(s) Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs Aiko 7 Girl 7 Jolina HD for Victoria 7 FWSA Keira HD for Victoria 7 Saige for Genesis 3 Female(s) Victoria 7 Vyria for Arabella 7 FWSA Zoe HD for Victoria 7 and LF Tantalizing Undergarment Aiko 7 Shape Shift for Genesis 3 Female(s) Musculature HD Morphs for Genesis 3 Female(s) Shape Shift for Genesis 3 Female(s) Genesis 3 Female Expressions FWSA Livia HD for Victoria 7

One of my watchers wanted to see more of this character. You know who you are! 😉 It wasn’t hard to convince me to do another render of her, since I really like her look too.

There’s not really much of a story behind this image. I’ve been working on this swimsuit for the last few months now and was putting together some promo images when I came up with this one. I don’t know if it will actually make it as a promo image, since Daz has become more strict on how much booty you can show these days… But, I guess I’m like a Pit Bull Terrier, always constantly testing to see what I can get away with. Haha j/k… Maybe…

Plus, people need to know what the back of the suit looks like before they buy anyway, right?

Anyway, back to talking about the image… The background is a picture I took when I was in Quintana Roo, Mexico a few years ago. It’s a beautiful place, I highly recommend going there! I don’t think the lighting in the picture quite matches up with the lighting in the scene. But, as they say, it’s close enough for government work. I used the hidden face bones again to put the final touches on her expression. I mostly used them to tweak around her lips and eyes.

I think that’s pretty much the gist of it.

Total Rendering Time: I think about 1 hour 10 minutes. 99% converged. It can be hard to keep track of when you do a million renders.

Software used for scene compilation: Daz Studio 4.9.
Rendered with NVIDIA Iray.
Layered over a background image with Adobe Photoshop.
No post-work.

Products used in the image:

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