New Reign

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New Reign

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New Reign Parameters
Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs Gwennili HD for Victoria 7 Karen 7 Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs Gwennili HD for Victoria 7 Gwennili HD for Victoria 7

I thought I would do something a little different for the description of this image and write a little bit about the thought process that went behind the making of it.

I’m not really sure where the inspiration for this image came from. The idea for a woman sitting on a throne with her legs crossed popped into my head. Then when trying to decide what to do with her arms; I put her leaning on one and with the other, laying a sword across her lap.

For the lighting: The throne scene has braziers on each side of the throne. I put a point light inside each one below the rim. I wanted the light to mimic that of burning coals, so I gave it a 2700 kelvin temperature. For the fill light I used a nighttime HDR image plugged into the environment tab of the render settings.

The camera: I wanted the eye level of the shot to appear as if below her looking up. I gave the camera a 200mm focal length to help kind of flatten out the image a little bit, so her thigh wouldn’t look drastically larger than her head. To increase the sense of her leaning to the side, I rotated the camera on it’s z-axis slightly. I then added a little depth of field and called it good.

Writing this, it sounds like it all went together pretty quick, but I spent several hours on it.

Total Rendering Time: 8 minutes 37.62 seconds. 99.02% of image converged.

Software used for scene compilation: Daz Studio 4.9.
Rendered with NVIDIA Iray.
No post-work.

Products used in the image:

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