Superhero Monokini Update Released

April 22, 2015 Leave a comment

I released an update for my Superhero Monokini today. Honestly, I thought these updates were already in circulation. I had uploaded them before the suit was released, but I guess because the product was already in testing, they didn’t make it to the installer. My bad…

Make sure to get the update via DAZ’s Install Manager or via your preferred method of installation.

Superhero Monokini Update

The Changes…

I added some “default” material settings to both the suit and trim. That way if you’re experimenting with the shader settings you can revert them back without having to reload the suit into the scene.

I changed the icons for various material settings and made them more exciting.

I fixed an issue with the Half Black Trim materials, before the color for the trim around the neck wasn’t on the correct side. Whoops…

I adjusted the weight maps a little bit.

And I changed the folder structure to make it’s files more organized.

I hope you are happy and consider these improvements.

Let me know what you like, dislike, or experience any issues!


P.S. If you own Mei Lin 6, make sure to get the free add-on here, so the suit fits her properly!

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