Hollywood Styles Biker Outfit for Genesis 3 Females

January 17, 2016 Leave a comment

My latest product just released yesterday on! It’s called “Hollywood Styles Biker Outfit” made for Genesis 3 Females. The design for this outfit was kind of created by accident. I was messing around with some new software I had bought, figuring it out, and this was the end result LOL. I like the way it came out, hopefully other people do too…

Hollywood Styles Biker Outfit

It wasn’t originally going to be a biker outfit, hence the vinyl materials. It wasn’t until I showed my wife one of the promo images and she said, “It looks like something a biker chick would wear.” I was like huh, it kind of does. And that’s the story behind the name…

Since I was happy with how the vinyl materials came out, I decided to ship it with them instead of making new leather materials.

Check out more pictures of the outfit here!

I Hope you like it!!!

Products used in the image:

The scene was assembled and rendered in Daz Studio 4.8 with NVIDIA Iray and then layered over the background image I found here.

DAZ3D Shortcuts to Material Presets & Renaming a Product

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While working on my latest product (keep your eye out, it should be released soon) I decided to change the name when it was nearly finished. What sounds like a simple task isn’t if you want to also update the texture file names as well. Normally this would involve re-saving all the Material Presets while going through them one by one, updating the path and file name of each texture. With 11 Material Presets for the top and 11 Presets for the pants, each with 3 references to texture files you can see how this could quickly become an annoying task. Fortunately there’s a better way…

This video is probably most beneficial to content creators, but could also benefit any hobbyist that likes to make custom materials for items in their content libraries. I’ve also used the techniques I demonstrate in projects outside of the CG world. They can work great for HTML. Sometime when you’re trying to import a word document into HTML, HTML editors will create unwanted page breaks and other random things when maybe you just want paragraphs. You can use Replace Text to help in those situations as well.

In this video I demonstrate my method of renaming a DAZ Studio product and updating all the Material Presets to use a new folder structure and new material file names.

You can also use these techniques when creating Material Presets as well. Sometimes when creating them, all the settings in the preset will be the exact same except for the actual texture files themselves. I have found it more convenient in certain situations to make one Material Preset, save it uncompressed, create a copy and use Replace Text to change it from referencing one texture file to another. Then just rename the copy, and repeat for all the materials you’re trying to make for that one item. This is especially useful when one Material Preset references the same texture file in multiple locations, i.e. Base Color, Glossy Color, etc. Then when you’re finished creating all the Material Presets in this manner, you can use DAZ Studio’s Batch Convert to re-compress them all at once (I show how to do this towards the end of the video).

I mention WinRAR as my favorite archiving program, here’s a link to the website. It’s not free, but you can download a trial and check it out. The trial never actually expires, after 30 days it will just start asking you to buy the program when you open it up. If you like the program, I’d recommend buying it, you can find it for around $25-$30.

Other programs used in the video (All are Free):

ZBrush Preferences Tips ‘n Tricks

December 20, 2015 21 comments


I recently purchased ZBrush 4R7. At first for me, getting used to the interface felt a whole lot like trying to pick my nose with a baseball glove on. The hardest thing was getting used to how to navigate the viewport. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very powerful program and I am happy with the purchase, but there were a couple things I wanted to customize that I couldn’t find the ability to do so within the user interface.

Here are a couple things that I wanted to customize, how I was able to do so, and a couple other tips ‘n tricks that may be helpful for both the beginner and more advanced user as well:

Set ZBrush canvas to fill entire viewport

Depending on your monitor size and screen resolution, you may be annoyed when you open up ZBrush the canvas doesn’t fill the entire viewport. Fortunately, there’s a simple fix.

Go to the “Documents” menu. Next to the “New Document” button, make sure “WSize” is highlighted, then click the “New Document” button.

A new document should be created with the canvas filling up the entire viewport.

Now to make it like that when you start up ZBrush, navigate back to the “Document” menu and click “Save As Startup Doc” button.

Bam, you’re all set.

Add mouse wheel zoom functionality

I simply was losing my mind not being able to zoom using the mouse wheel!

Thankfully I found a plug-in to add the function.

Here’s a link to the main thread with the plug-in and installation instructions.

*For it to work with ZBrush 4R7, refer to post #83, here’s a direct link.

Change ZBrush’s scratch disk location

If you’re like me and have both a SSD and a HDD, you may not like temporary files being constantly written to your SSD. If you don’t know, SSDs wear out faster than HDDs. In normal use scenarios most people probably don’t need to be concerned about this, but I like to keep things in tip top condition =). Another reason a person may want to change the location of the scratch disk is to conserve precious SSD space for other things.

There are a couple ways to change the scratch disk location:

The easiest way is to go to your “C:\Users\Public\Documents\ZBrushData” location, open up the “ZBrushScratchDiskPath.TXT” and change the file path located in the document to wherever you would like the scracth disk to be located.

*Now make sure whatever path you specify actually exists (ZBrush won’t automatically create the folders, you have to manually create them) or it won’t work properly.

The 2nd way is a little more advanced, but in my opinion, is the way to go if you also want to change where the “QuickSave” files will be saved as well.

Change where ZBrush saves it’s QuickSave files

To change where ZBrush saves it’s QuickSave files you have to create a directory junction. A junction is similar to a desktop “shortcut” except programs will also follow the path.

To create a junction fire up the good ol’ “Command Prompt”, make sure to run it as administrator. Now simply type in:

mklink /J “C:\Users\Public\Documents\ZBrushData\” “D:\YourNewLocation”

*Important: type in exactly as shown, except replace D:\YourNewLocation with whatever path you would like.

**Note: this is to change the location of all the files in the “ZBrushData” folder. If you only want to change the “QuickSave” files location see below.

To paste into Command Prompt, right click on the Window Title, select Edit > Paste.

The command I used was:

mklink /J “C:\Users\Public\Documents\ZBrushData\” “D:\Users\Public\Documents\ZBrushData”

Finally, cut and paste the original “ZBrushData” folder to its new location.

Now every time ZBrush tries to write to it’s default “C:\…\ZBrushData\” location it will actually be writing to whatever location you specified.

If you only want to change the location of the “QuickSave” folder, add “QuickSave\” to the end of both paths and only move the “QuickSave” folder to the new location.

Change GoZ Cache location

Navigate to “C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZBrush” and change the path specified in the following 3 text documents:

  • GoZ_ProjectPath.txt
  • GoZ_ObjectPath.txt
  • GoZ_ObjectList.txt

You may not have all 3 files depending on how many times you’ve used GoZ.

*Again, make sure that whatever path you specify actually exists (ZBrush won’t automatically create the folders, you have to manually create them) or it won’t work properly.

A couple of other useful resources

A keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet pdf with the most important items – download here

full list of keyboard shortcuts as a printable pdf – download here

Terrifying Monsters

December 9, 2015 Leave a comment

Renderosity’s 2015 Halloween Contest’s theme this year was Terrifying Monsters.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time I would have liked to dedicate to this contest and threw something together as quickly as I could. This is what I was able to come up with:

Terrifying Monsters

I think I spent most of a day on it, between coming up with ideas, and then when I decided on this concept, assembling the scene. All of it was done in DAZ Studio, rendered with Iray, and I didn’t do any post work.

I would have liked to have spent more time playing with the lighting and what not, to try and give it a creepier feel.

I let it render for 4 hours with two GTX 980’s to try and get rid of all the pixelation. If I remember correctly, even after 4 hours it was still only around 92% converged. It probably could have gone another 2-4 hours.

You can view all the contest details, entries, and winners here.

Products used in the scene:

FREE for Sakura, Superhero Monokini Support Add-on!

April 27, 2015 Leave a comment

I thought it would be cool if all the clothing I create is compatible with all the characters I make.

This is my first step in making that a reality!

Sakura Superhero Monokini

It took me longer to get this up then I was expecting. I wanted to make sure the update was live, and then work got in the way of things like usual. =(

Anyway here it is:

To install, download this and just extract the “FBM*.dsf” files to:

“your DAZ3D Library”\data\LayLo 3D\Clothing\Superhero Monokini\Morphs\LayLo 3D\Base\

Then restart DAZ Studio and you should be good to go!

I’m assuming you guys and gals have done stuff like this before, if you need more detailed instructions let me know in the comments below. Or, you can always email me:

Thanks, enjoy!!!

Superhero Monokini Update Released

April 22, 2015 Leave a comment

I released an update for my Superhero Monokini today. Honestly, I thought these updates were already in circulation. I had uploaded them before the suit was released, but I guess because the product was already in testing, they didn’t make it to the installer. My bad…

Make sure to get the update via DAZ’s Install Manager or via your preferred method of installation.

Superhero Monokini Update

The Changes…

I added some “default” material settings to both the suit and trim. That way if you’re experimenting with the shader settings you can revert them back without having to reload the suit into the scene.

I changed the icons for various material settings and made them more exciting.

I fixed an issue with the Half Black Trim materials, before the color for the trim around the neck wasn’t on the correct side. Whoops…

I adjusted the weight maps a little bit.

And I changed the folder structure to make it’s files more organized.

I hope you are happy and consider these improvements.

Let me know what you like, dislike, or experience any issues!


P.S. If you own Mei Lin 6, make sure to get the free add-on here, so the suit fits her properly!

My First Character, Sakura for Mei Lin 6

April 19, 2015 Leave a comment

I finally finished my latest project. Woot! Woot!

Sakura for Mei Lin 6

Render by LayLo 3D

Meet Sakura for Mei Lin 6, an Asian themed character for DAZ Studio. She is currently on sale for 30% off until May 19th! She is available exclusively at Renderosity.

Warrior Sakura

Render by LayLo 3D

I had Renderosity’s RenderFX team take care of the promos, let me know what you think. The one below is one of their’s:

Sakura for Mei Lin 6

Render by Renderosity’s RenderFX Team

Let me know what you think!

P.S. I will be releasing a free Sakura add-on for my “Superhero Monokini” here soon. Check back in a few days.

FREE Mei Lin 6 Support Add-on for Superhero Monokini!

April 12, 2015 Leave a comment

I added support for Mei Lin 6 to my Superhero Monokini Outfit. Now Mei Lin can look great in it too!

Make sure to swing back by again next week! I’ll be adding material settings for use in DAZ Studio 4.8 Iradium that take advantage of Nvidia Iray. They will be free to download as well!

Superhero Monokini for Mei Lin 6

DAZ Studio Render with Nvidia Iray

All I ask in return is that you “Like” my page on Facebook using the “Like” button on the right side of my page (the one on the bottom of this post is to like the post, which you can do too, but if you’re going to do one or the other please use the one on the right). I need some likes yo! 😉 Thanks!!!

Superhero Monokini for Mei Lin 6

DAZ Studio Render with Nvidia Iray

To install, download this and just extract the “FBMMeiLin6.dsf” file to:

“your DAZ3D Library”\data\LayLo 3D\Clothing\Superhero Monokini\Morphs\LayLo 3D\Base\

Then restart DAZ Studio and you should be good to go!

I’m assuming you guys and gals have done stuff like this before, but if you need more detailed instructions let me know in the comments below. Or, you can always email me:

Products used in the images above:

Sci-Fi & Magic Textures for Superhero Monokini

November 29, 2014 2 comments

This is an add-on texture set for my Superhero Monokini. I spent way too much time working on it, but I feel like it has some pretty cool textures. I’m a big sci-fi fan and really enjoy shows like Continuum and the Star Wars series. Another genre I’m into is the medieval times, I really like Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings. I like to think this texture set captures some of the essences from both genres.


Using ambient lighting I was able to give the textures a glow in the dark appearance (which can be turned off for when you don’t want it).


I also used displacement maps to help some of the colors really pop and add a little more character to the textures (can also be toggled on and off).


This texture set is available on

As always, let me know what you think!


Superhero Monokini

October 11, 2014 Leave a comment

My first commercially available 3D product for DAZ Studio and Poser.

Superhero Monokini

Available here.

I think of it as a swimsuit or superhero outfit.

Please, let me know what you think and if you have any ideas on how I could make it better in the comments below.