FaceCap X – Now Available! | Affordable Facial Motion Capture for Genesis 3/8 Characters

May 10, 2019 Leave a comment

FaceCap X is a low cost facial motion capture solution for Autodesk Maya that allows you to quickly bring to life any Daz 3D Genesis 3 or Genesis 8 character.

Using an iPhone X or newer, record your mocap data with the Face Cap app then use our plug-in to quickly add 51 custom FACS blend shapes to any G8/G3 character and rig it’s face with just 1 click.

Then, with our easy to use setup import the Face Cap data and just like magic your characters face will come alive.

Key features include:

  • Add 51 FACS morphs to any Genesis 3/8 character whether in a new or existing scene.
  • Instantly rig your character’s face with 1 click.
  • Apply Face Cap data with 1 click.
  • Individual strength modifiers for all 51 blend shapes.
  • Ability to randomize strengths for independent areas of the face.

Available Now in my Gumroad Store!

Get full support for both Genesis 3, and Genesis 8 Males and Females with our FaceCap X Ultimate Bundle.

Or, we have individual packages available:
FaceCap X for Genesis 8 Female(s)
FaceCap X for Genesis 8 Male(s)
FaceCap X for Genesis 3 Female(s)
FaceCap X for Genesis 3 Male(s)

See How it Works:

For more information see the FaceCap X Manual.

Idea, FACS Morphs, and in view GUI by: Gavin Crout-Blackwell
Plug-in design and code by: LayLo 3D

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