Flames Facade Freebie!

April 26, 2016 1 comment

Flames 01 Freebie

Sorry for the delay, but here it is!!! Better late then never, plus it’s free, so that should help make up for it right? 

Flames 01*

Just extract the files to the root folder of your Daz 3D Library and you should be good to go. Load the prop into your scene, re-size and position to your liking, then render away. You can also load in multiple instances, spin them around, etc. to add more variation.

The flames are set up with an emissive shader, so if you load them into your scene and it throws off your lighting make sure to tweak the emissive settings in the surfaces tab.

When rendering the flames make sure to play around with your camera’s Depth of Field, and/or the Render Settings Bloom filter. You can really get some cool looking effects! Messing with the “Cutout Opacity” value of the shader, under the surfaces tab, also seemed like it had potential.

I hope you enjoy rendering with them! Please leave a link to any images you create with the flames in the comments below. It would be really cool to see what you come up with! Also, let me know if you like them, or not…

*I ask that you please do not redistribute them without my written permission, and if you want to share them with others, please link to this post, not directly to the file. You may use the Flames Facade in both personal and commercial projects. If you use them in commercial project, please leave a link to it below in the comments. By downloading the file, you agree to these terms.

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  1. LayLo says:

    I’ll start this off, my first image using the flames: http://www.laylo3d.com/liz-the-soldier.

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