LayLo3D Pose Library for Maya Manual

June 28, 2019 19 comments

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Installing LayLo3D Pose Library for Maya

Install LayLo3D Pose Library for Maya’s files using Daz Install Manager or by manually extracting them into their proper locations.

If you don’t see LayLo3D Pose Library for Maya in Daz Install Manager’s “Ready to Download” list, make sure you have the downloads filter for your operating system enabled by clicking the “Download Filters” button and putting a check in the box next to the name of your operating system. This plug-in works with both 32bit and 64bit operating systems.

To install manually download the ZIP file from your ‘Product Library’ in the ‘My Account’ section of the website. Then extract the files to the following locations:

1. Extract Maya Plug-in Files

  • Windows Only:
    • Extract all files from:
      C:\Users\your username\Documents\maya\plug-ins
      *Create the “plug-ins” folder if it doesn’t exist
  • Mac Only
    • Extract all files from:
      *These are the same files that are in UserDocs, there’s just a little bit of a folder structure difference with Mac OS


2. Load plug-in inside Maya

Inside Maya go to Windows > Setting/Preferences > Plug-in Manager.

Load plug-in in the Plugin ManagerLook for ‘’ and check the ‘Loaded’ box next to it. If you would like it to load every time you start Maya, check the ‘Auto load’ box as well.
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How to use LayLo3D Pose Library for Maya

After installing, please watch the General Use Manual video (above) to get started.

Key points:

  • To pose a non HumanIK controlled character – select the figure’s mesh, then double click the icon for the desired pose.
  • To pose a HumanIK controlled character – select the figure’s HumanIK Ctrl_Reference node, then double click the icon for the desired pose.
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“Leaf Roll Joints” vs. “Roll Joints”

I’m not an expert on HumanIK or Mocap, so I’m not going to pretend that I am.

This is what I know…

“Leaf Roll Joints” when twisted don’t rotate the joints below them in the chain. For example when a forearm twist joint is defined as a “Leaf Roll Joint” it will not rotate the hand when twisted.

On the other hand, when a forearm twist joint is defined as a “Roll Joint” it will rotate the hand when twisted.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the consequences of using one vs. the other when doing motion capture retargeting.

When using my LayLo3D Pose Library you will get better results using “Roll Joints” otherwise the forearm won’t swing when the shoulder twist joint is twisted, etc.

When using Genesis 3 for Maya or Genesis 8 for Maya use the “MotionBuilder Compatible HumanIK” configuration to have the twist joints defined as “Roll Joints.”

“Leaf Roll Joints” can also be re-defined as roll joints using the tool included with this plug-in found in the “Tools” menu. You will also get a notification if you apply a pose preset to a HumanIK controlled character that has “Leaf Roll Joints” defined in its definition and an option to re-define them as “Roll Joints” before applying the pose.

19 Responses to “LayLo3D Pose Library for Maya Manual”

  1. Fisherman says:

    I just purchased the “Laylo3D Pose Library for Maya” from the Daz3D shop and installed it. I set up some additional pose folders and everything looks nice. But how should I export a character from Daz3D to use it in Maya with the pose library? When I use the “Daz to Maya bridge” in DAZ Studio and import the character in Maya, the poses do not get applied properly. Do I need any other product to export from DAZ3D and then be able to apply the poses from the Laylo3D library?


    • LayLo says:

      Thanks for using my product!
      It used to work with DazToMaya, but maybe they have changed something since I last tested it.
      Personally, I think Genesis 8 for Maya is the best and it’s definitely compatible, but you can also just export the character out using Daz Studio normal FBX export.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. DASSI MERLIN says:

    SCRIPT EDITOR gives me this “wearable” message

    • LayLo says:

      I’m guessing you tried using a wearable preset instead of a pose preset? It should check for that and let you know via a dialog. It’s strange that it didn’t. What version of my pose library are you using? Can you email me the .DUF file that you were trying to use please ( and I will look into it?

  3. DASSI MERLIN says:

    i have this error
    # Error: IOError: file D:/Users/LayLo/Documents/maya/plug-ins/LayLo3DPoseLibrary\ line 294: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u’C:/Users/onetv/OneDrive/Documents/maya/plug-ins/LayLo3DPoseLibrary/hik_definitions/G8.ll3d’ #

    • LayLo says:

      Thanks for using my products! Sorry you’re experiencing an error.
      Was the HIK definition file deleted before trying to change the characters pose? I’m guessing that’s what happened. If so, I will make it check for that in a future update.

  4. John S says:

    Does this work with DaztoMaya Bridge that Daz gives out for free?

    • LayLo says:

      Yes it does, but right now there’s a bug where if you manually scale the character in Daz Studio before exporting it you’ll get an error with my Pose Library. I already submitted an update to Daz fixing the bug and also making the product compatible with Genesis 8.1, so hopefully they’ll release the update soon.

      • John S says:

        Does the Pose Library work after you use the DAZTools Mel script to get the new rig in Maya?

        • LayLo says:

          I’m not familiar with the DazTools Mel script. Is it something free? Where do you get it? I can test it out.

          • John S says:

            It’s apart of the Daz to Maya Bridge from Daz. Open Mel and type DAZTools (case sensitive) and execute the command. It gives you two options; To retarget the skeleton which gives you a new, better rig and also to export that rig BACK to Dazstudio.

          • LayLo says:

            Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, my pose library doesn’t support the new DAZTools rig.

  5. kims says:

    Is it possible for the same structure as the attached image?

    I renamed “HumanIK_Ctrl_Reference” as “Sub_All_Ctrl”
    And put a group on top of it, and renamed the group as ‘Character1_Ctrl_Reference’
    And put a group on top of ‘Character1_Ctrl_Reference’, and renamed the group as ‘ch_DaYoung’

    • LayLo says:


      I can’t remember exactly how the algorithm is set up to find all the necessary nodes and if that would break it, or not. Have you tried it out?

  6. stachel1 says:

    Hi I bought this and Maya 2020 is only showing some of the poses in the plug in. I hope you can fix this. All of my poses in Daz are in the content directory.

    • LayLo says:

      Hi! Most likely what is going on is that the other poses aren’t in the default “Poses” folder. I actually submitted an update to Daz in July so users can add extra folders, but they still haven’t released it yet. If you email me, I can send you the updated files.

  7. shinz tend says:

    Ooops! I found the license number in the Daz menu.
    I am sorry to borther you.
    I really exited in your tool.
    Many thanks!!

    • LayLo says:

      Sorry about that. For some reason it seems the Daz system doesn’t always email the license key. I’m glad you found it. Thanks for using my products!

  8. shinz tend says:

    I bought your tool for daz called ‘LayLo3D Pose Library for Maya’ via Daz shop.
    Order: #108982040 – 2 Oct, 2020
    Standard License

    I installed it in Maya and when I try to open it.
    I was asked about license key.
    But I’ve never get about license key, I think.
    where can I find the license key?
    I really wonder to test your tool ASAP.
    Best reguards,
    Thank you!

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