Genesis 8 for Maya – Version 2.00 Update

December 28, 2018 24 comments

Genesis 8 for Maya - Version 2.00I recently updated Genesis 8 for Maya.

Version 2.00 has some important improvements you’ll want to get your hands on.

The Changes…

The Genesis 8 Male import bug has been fixed.
Object ‘Genesis8Female_Group’ not found.

It was suggested to me that I should change the root group back to a joint, how it is normally when a figured is exported out of Daz Studio via FBX. I was told this setup would work better in game engines. I was hesitant to make and I hope doesn’t have a negative impact on anyone.

Tweaked a couple JCM expression to make them mimic Daz Studio more closely.

Changed all the Daz Studio export scripts to properly export locked JCMs that previously would not be exported out properly.

Added better handling of geo-grafts and set the genitalia geo-grafts extra meshes to be hidden automatically, which reveals the version that is welded to the mesh.

Added full support for the following Daz Original Base figures:

  • Zelara 8
  • Latonya 8
  • Gia 8
  • Mei Lin 8
  • Lee 8
  • Vladimir 8
  • The Brute 8
  • Toon Dwayne 8

I hope you find these updates to be improvements, enjoy!

24 Responses to “Genesis 8 for Maya – Version 2.00 Update”

  1. Ethan says:

    Hi Laylo,
    I’m reporting a bug with this plugin:
    -In Maya: If you go to Settings>Files/Project and change the “File Dialog” from Maya style to OS Native then the plugin doesn’t work. It gives you an error “Unable to find a character supported by Genesis 8 for Maya” and then it doesn’t import the character.

  2. Cesar says:

    I recently bought your amazing product. Is it capable of handling expressions? I ask because I see the expressions in the side panel, but when I click in them nothing changes in the figure. Regardless, your tool is awesome!

    • LayLo says:

      Hi, Thanks for using my products!

      Yeah, it should work with expressions. The only thing is you have to set them as favorites in the ‘Parameters’ tab. For some reason it doesn’t detect favorites in the other tabs.

      Let me know if there are certain expressions that aren’t being exported out.


  3. Michael Hickman says:

    Having problems with maya 2019 crashing before character is imported… I have tried everything I could but to no avail… only frustration… please help

    • LayLo says:

      Hi! Thanks for using my products. Sorry you’re running into an issue.

      Usually when Maya crashes during import it’s because too may morphs were favorited and the FBX file contains more morphs than the computer can handle importing. Have you tried with a naked character?

      Also, which version of Maya 2019 are you using? I think the latest is 2019.3.1 for Windows. I would suggest making sure you’re using the latest version.

  4. Carlos says:

    Hello, does it work with the last versions of Daz? ty.

  5. Jessica Fae says:

    Is there a minimum version of Maya that this works with? I keep having Maya shut down without any error messages in the middle of importing any figure.

    • LayLo says:

      Maya 2016 is the minimum supported version. I would check and make sure there aren’t any updates available from Autodesk for what ever version of Maya you’re using.

      In my experience, what usually causes Maya to crash is RAM being tapped out during import due to too many morphs being imported in from Daz Studio. Did you favorite a lot of morphs, and/or have a lot of clothing items?

      • Michael says:

        Hi whenever I keep importing figure Maya keeps crashing. I have not favorited any morphs, does that mean all the morphs perhaps is being exported? I have a heavily morphed character using male head morph plugin and skin enhancer plugin. I am also exporting shirt, pants, socks and hair. Would it be possible to just import the character first and later add the clothing And hair ? perhaps

        • LayLo says:

          I would assume it would have something to do with the male head morph plug-in and/or skin enhancer plug-in. I would try to narrow it down and figure out which one is causing the problem.

  6. Taly Vega says:

    Uninstalling and reinatalling doesn’t update it for me. Please, I need to know any other method to update.

    • LayLo says:


      I believe the information you’re looking for is in the manual: under the “Installation” section. You can remove it using Daz Install Manager (DIM) and then install it manually (make sure to download the latest files from your account on, or set the filter so that the plug-in appears in DIM and then probably update it that way. I asked Daz to change its filters, so it would appear normally like other products, but they ignored my request. 🙁

  7. Famakinwa Babatunde says:

    How do we update this ? Via Daz Installer? I need help please.

    • LayLo says:

      Yeah, you should be able to update it using Daz Install Manager (DIM), or whatever method you used to install it originally. Do you need step by step help of how to update it with DIM?

      • Famakinwa Babatunde says:

        I was able to figure it out, uninstalled and reinstalled. How do I scale a Daz3d Character in Maya. The head gets messed up when I try to use the uniform scale tool on the rigged character’s root. Thanks a lot

        • LayLo says:

          Awesome, glad you were able to get it updated.

          I’m not sure the best way to scale the characters. I always leave them at the default scale.

  8. eztype says:

    I bought it and using, but I have a problem with exporting character on socks.
    Look at screenshot –
    Can you help with that?


  9. eztype says:

    where to buy it…..?

  10. thomas says:

    hi I’m using Maya Mac 2019. does the plug in work. ? I’m not getting any human ik just shape nodes. pls help

    cheers Thomas

    I bought it this morning

    • LayLo says:

      Are you getting any errors in the script editor?
      If you can send them to me it will help me figure out what is going on.

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